Sega Wappy Dog With Nintendo DS

There is a new happy toe tapping robotic puppy in town and it’s Wappy Dog. Wappy Dog is the latest innovation from Sega Toys and along with Activision will be releasing a new robotic dog along with a video game for the Nintendo DS. Wappy Dog dogbot with Nintendo DS game will be showed at Toy Fair 2011……

The goal is to raise your dog from puppy to adult pooch, evolving its personality, skills and level of happiness as you play; it’s reminiscent of the popular Nintendogs DS game only with a real-world component. Kids can play with Wappy in Home Mode in which they interact with the toy dog playing games and training it through a Nintendo DS or in Outing Mode which lets them play with their pet only on the Nintendo DS.Each time a player interacts with the toy dog via the game any virtual play syncs up with the toy so Wappy has one consistent personality across both platforms.

Behold Sega i-Dog younger brother Wappy Dog! Introduced in the US during the last Toy Fair 2011, Wappy Dog is born from the collaboration between Activision and Sega Toy in order to bring a little Robotic Toy capable to interact with a proprietary NDS Game.Schedule to be released later this year Wappy Dog can interacts with both the video game and alone.Alone you will be able to pet or talk to your little new friend and Wappy Dog will respond to each gestures by making noise or even glowing different colored lights on its cheeks or eyes.Once your NDS turned on and playing Wappy Dog’s dedicated game each little sound emitted during your playtime will be understood by Wappy and will trigger an action.

The cute little robotic toy dog expresses itself through movements and sounds: It’ll cheer if it wins a game and whine if it loses, for example. It can also sing and dance, and kids will be able to teach it new tricks. Virtual activities include playing with toys and mini-games, grooming and feeding the puppy and customizing its appearance and environment.Wappy is going to be a welcome addition to your home, adults and kids are going to love interacting with it and making this a long lasting digital relationship and will be debuting in the Fall and pricing is currently TBD.


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