SimCity For Mac Will Arrive On August 29

Such Mac users who have long wanted to build their own cities are about to be granted their wishes. After a lot of promises, wait and speculation, EA has finally announced that the Mac version of SimCity will be launched on August 29th.


This announcement comes as a result of the incessant insistence of the Mac users that they want a SimCity version for their machines too. The game has been immensely popular among PC users and EA has been wanting to add cross-platform, multi-player support to it.

With the Mac version, this dream will finally be realized. Users will be able to build their cities from both PCs and Macs. In fact, just by purchasing the game for one platform, you will be able to play it on both.

The Mac version will be made available by the end of August and is going to cost $40 for the standard edition. If you want the premium features available too, you will need to shell out $60 for the deluxe edition of the game. Once it becomes available, it can be purchased from EA’s Origina store.

It must be noted that once the Mac version of the game launches, SimCity will be among the select few games where PC and Mac users are able to collaborate and play with no distinction of the platform they are using. This will certainly add a lot more fun to SimCity, for all users.

Courtesy: Engadget

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