SimCity: Plan and Construct Your Dream City

Every gamer has a special corner for city-building or urban construction strategy games. That is why games like Civilization or Rise of Nation get the title of blockbuster hit. SimCity, an urban planning game, is no different. The series snatched the gaze of each strategy or tactical loving players. After the huge success of previous five games of the series, the sixth game is waiting in the line. Maxis, a subsidiary of EA Sports and the developer of the game, revealed that the new title will hit the market in February, 2013.


The main concept of the game, as I mentioned earlier, is based on urban planning. Players have to construct new urban city and manage all its systems, such as political aspect, social security, sewerage system, banking and capital flow system and so on. The game plot is, however, claimed to be totally different from its predecessors. The game uses a new engine called GlassBox – which enables statistical data collaboration of various resources and layouts with graphical contents to make a smooth and running city environment.

There are also lots of changes in gameplay. Incorporation of visual effects like traffic jams are new to the game. There is another addition – all resources are going to be totally consumed up if not maintained and distributed properly. That means, resources are now finite. Some resources like water, wastage etc can be recycled. In constructional simulations roads can now be constructed non-linearly, which was completely absent in other games. Players can specialize in choosing main earning sources like industry, farming and so on.

The new game also applied significant map scenery changes. Now, the clumsy or distance buildings can be recognized easily. The landscape changes and its natural effects are integrated in this game. The security system, police station, and fire station support can be controlled more easily in SimCity. Not only that, there will be options to build extra precautionary infrastructure such as extra garage, extra patrol cars, additional water system, or bypass energy system to handle emergency situations.

We all hope that very soon there will be an announcement containing a specific release date of SimCity. Although the game is mainly targeted for Microsoft Windows, it will also release in OX2 platform.

Sources: Wikipedia, SimCity

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