Sony Announced PS4, Available For Pre-order At Amazon For $399

If you’re still debating between the Xbox One and PS4, then Sony might have made the decision a little easier for you. Last night at the press conference at E3, Sony announced PS4 and said that it will cost $100 less than Microsoft’s Xbox One.


Sony has announced that the PS4 will cost $399. In Europe and UK, it will cost €399 and £349, respectively. That means, PS4 will be $100, €100 and £70 less than Microsoft’s Xbox One price. Sony has confirmed that the PS4 will come with a controller, USB, HDMI and power cables — but no PlayStation 4 Eye.

Sony said players will not be required to sign in online to play and Sony will not be imposing any new restrictions on how owners trade their PS4 game discs. Sony also noted that the PlayStation 4 will sport a standard 500 GB hard drive—the same size as that inside the Xbox One.

However, if you had been waiting around until after the PlayStation press conference last night before deciding which console to grab, it’s finally time to settle on your top choice. Although Sony didn’t announce any specific release date or month, it just said it will be released “this holiday season” in the US and Europe.

Online retailer giant Amazon is taking pre-order for PS4 for $399.

Source: Engadget

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