New Xbox 360 250GB Limited Edition

Not only do you get two great products bundled as one but the fantastic limited edition Modern Warfare 2 console is very special. Microsoft announced a new $399 Xbox 360 bundle at Comic-Con today. It’s a Halo: Reach bundle that comes with an Xbox 360 S dipped in a silver coating, a 250GB hard-drive, two limited edition wireless controllers, and a copy of Bungie’s last Halo…

Lucky for you who haven’t gotten yourself a Xbox 360. This is a special treat for war-freak because you can get yourself a Xbox 360 console with Modern Warfare 2 themed case. Sadly, it didn’t come with Mad Catz’ MW2 controller, which will suit like twin thanks to the similar themed graphical design.

The Halo series is no stranger to special edition Xbox 360 hardware, so it should come as no surprise that the latest entry, Halo: Reach, is also privy to such treatment. What makes it special, however, is that it’s the first special edition based on the new model.

Xbox 360 have 250GB HDD, built-in 802.11n WiFi, a silver (presumably matte, based on the picture) finish, and custom, Halo-inspired sounds. The $399 price tag also nets you two special edition wireless controllers and, naturally, a copy of the game itself. Look for this September 14th, and really, if you’re not into glossy black (and we feel ya, brother), this might be in your best interest to pick up.

What you will get in this MW2 model is a 250GB Xbox 360, 2 Wireless controllers, the Modern Warfare 2 Game and the freaking cool design on the case.

You can pre-order this limited edition bundle for $400 a pop at Amazon if you are interested to get yours!


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