Sony Expecting Of Bring The Holodeck Future By Using Play Station Move And Eyetoy

All you die hard Trekkies out there, Sony just gave us all a new reason to dream about holodeck as we’ve seen it in the Star Treck series. Sony people along with the imaginative minds from Studio Output and the Marshmallow Laser Factory managed to play with the slogan “great films fill rooms” and the result was three Star Trek inspired video commercials.

The theme is the way movies create an alternative reality around us, suggested by a young man who immerses into fantastic worlds that come to life around him. Our character seems to turn into a plane and fly above skyscrapers or becomes a pirate and fights against giant sea monsters.

The commercials are more intriguing when we realize the production teams used Playstation Move, Steadicam, which was never used before in a similar commercial, an EyeToy and absolutely no post production and editing. Just a few old fashion camera tricks, such as white dressed guys to move around props as inconspicuously as possible and a single shot take. But the effect is impressive, with all the 3D images that fly around the room and the guy who always remain in the comfort of his own couch.

In the end, Sony managed to make us dream at the future of entertainment and regardless if we buy or rent films from the PlayStation Store, we still remain amazed by the use of technology to map the entire room with images and sounds to create an alternative reality.

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