Sony Introduces Maps, Video And Blinking Lights On PS Vita

Sony’s PS Vita is about to debut in US on February 22. ¬†Apparently, to celebrate the anticipated event with style, Sony has introduced a number of quite useful updates to the device for users in Japan where it has already been released. The new updates include the ability to shoot a high-quality MP4 video, a Content Manager app, a useful update to the maps and multiple power status lights to indicate the exact state of the device’s overall power.

With this new update, a user can now shoot a MP4 video at 640*480 resolution. It it complemented with an audio-recording support till 128 Kbps. Although this is definitely not as good as HD quality video, it will still come out pretty neat given Sony’s superior mobile sensors.

A very part of this update is the ‘Content Manager’ app. This app lets a user save up a back-up of your device’s data on a computer. It also allows easy data transfer between PS Vita and a computer and lets you run system updates.

An update for the maps on PS Vita now allows for the ability to view details of locations on a map. These details include phone numbers, addresses and many other details when you select a particular location. You can also now send your own location to your friends through the feature of group messaging.

A useful feature that this update brings is the multiple status lights which indicate the status of the device’s power. For instance, when you are plugged in directly to a power source, this is indicate by a blue light. The standby mode is indicated by a flashing blue light. A slow blue blink indicates that there are unread message or information waiting for you. When the device is powered off and charging, this is indicate by an orange light.

Image courtesy SCEJ.

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