Sony Working For New PSN Design

Sony’s PlayStation Network went down briefly on Tuesday and Sony is reportedly testing a redesign to the PSN that will feature a more streamlined user interface, among other changes. Sony’s planning to make it more image-driven taking cues from both Microsoft’s Xbox LIVE and Valve’s Steam, the new look is described by an aesthetic layout with logically marked sections and rolodex lists. The new design will also reportedly host a slew of fresh features including a new live search function, a new movie section built with its own IMDB-style database and also newly organized games section within the PlayStation Store…………


Sony is developing a PlayStation Network design upgrade that could transform the online environment into a more image-driven layout along the lines of Xbox Live and Steam. Many PSN users say the current PSN is far too text heavy, so Sony is now market-testing a new design that de-clutters the screen using what sources familiar with the new look call an aesthetic layout with logically marked sections and rolodex lists. The revamped PSN also packs a new, live search method with results appearing as users enter characters rather than head off to a separate text-entry page. The movies section has been rebuilt as an IMDB-style database. When you select a film, for example, key details appear on the right of the screen, such as leading actors. Clicking through will take you to the actor’s page, where you can see all of their movies. The same exploration approach is taken with games, categorised by genre, publisher, developer and so on. Sony is readying a ‘deals of the week’ section too, making it easier to pick up bargains. It also appears the company is planning to throw out the blue colour of the current skin and opted for ultra bright colours on a black background. In revamping PSN, Sony may be hoping to claw back customer trust lost during the hacking fiasco, which saw unhappy gamers impatiently trade PS3s for Xbox 360s. Perhaps Sony is eager to perfect its online store in preparation of the PlayStation 4 or 3.5 by the end of the year.



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