[Current No.1] The Tower: Build The Highest Tower Possible By One Tap

The Tower is an exclusive tower building game. It’s been released on August 27 by Ketchaap and has reached to top of the free App Store chart.

the tower

Ketchaap is one of those cool app developer companies who grabs the market by releasing pretty simple but unique app from the very first week. Last week, we reviewed the top free app of that week from the App Store named ‘Circle The Dot‘ and it was also developed by Ketchapp Studies. Most of the Ketchapp’s apps including Amazing Brick, Make Them Jump, Don’t Step On The White Tile, The Line etc have hit the top of the chart on the very first week.

the tower 1

However, The Tower is a quick game where your goal is to build a tower as high and stable as possible. You are the the builder of your own skyscraper. Unlike other building games, you will see the pieces moving from the ground floor and so on. So all you need to do is place the new piece into the previous piece as accurately as possible and continue do the same thing. Every inaccurate placement will shorter the piece and increase the speed of movement which will make the game tougher for you. But placing every piece accurately, you will be rewarded with 10 points.

There are some Insurance power up that will give you an extra restart from the last checkpoint. You can buy some coin doubler power up, but it’s not very useful unless you are very good at doing perfect placement. At the very end of the game, you can use an extra life too which will take you back to the previous checkpoint.

Moreover with one tap gameplay, The Tower is super fun and easiest way to kill your time. So if you want to try this born-hit game, you can download right away from the links given below.

Download Links

App Store: Click Here
Android Link: Click Here
Size: 15.2 MB
Price: FREE

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