Three DLCs Of Sleeping Dogs Coming Out Today, Two More By This Month

Sleeping Dogs is one of the most versatile, story-oriented, underworld-based, covert-style action-adventure games in 2012. Wei Shen,the hero of the game, went undercover to reveal and destroy the Triad gangs from Hong Kong. Now, this is not the end of Sleeping Dogs storyline. This game will have additional missions full of thrill,gore and action. Yes, I am talking about the DLC mission packs. The good news is that by October 30, five DLC packs are confirmed to be released for Sleeping Dogs.

Sleeping Dogs dlc

Among the four new DLC packs three are coming out today, and the last one will made its debut on the end of this month. So, what are the names of the DLCs? Four of the DLC packs are titled Street Racer pack, Tactical Soldier pack, SWAT pack and Nightmare at North Point pack. The developer will offer an additional Community Gift Pack for the fans.

The Street Racer pack offers additional 3 new races on the streets of Hong Kong. Not only that a new speed boat race is also available in this pack, there are additional unlocked vehicles too. A Sting motorbike is also be available as default vehicle access to Wei. This pack will cost 320 Microsoft Points for Xbox LIVE , $3.99 / €2.99 / £2.39 for PlayStation Network and for Steam, and available online from today.

The Tactical Soldier pack will be available from today. This pack is all about commanding authority over Hong Kong. Many tactical and heavy weapons with tactical suits are unlocked to Wei’s wardrobe. It is revealed that the “Funeral” Assult Rifle and “Civil Discord” missions ( under-barrel grenade launcher) are readily available through this pack. The pack will be available on Xbox LIVE (160 MSP), PlayStation Network ($1.99 / €1.49 / £1.19) and Steam ($1.99 /€1.49 / £1.19).

For UFG lovers, the game will offer an additional Community Gift pack. The Sleeping Dogs website mentions, “… we created an in-game pack of some really cool items. In your in-game wardrobe, you’ll find a UFG T-shirt which is the same design as the shirts that our employees and friends get in real life; a UFG-themed, environmentally friendly, mini compact car; and of course… a luchadore mask, which is an important symbol here at UFG. Our meeting rooms are named after Mexican wrestlers, it’s on our company logo and we have a luchadore mask collection at our front door!” This pack will be available free on Xbox LIVE, PlayStation Network and Steam from today.

On October 23, the SWAT pack is going to be released. This pack is all about cop missions. There are 20 new set of cop missions in the pack, but no undercover ones. A new set of SWAT uniform is available for Wei including a SWAT van. He will patrol the streets of Hong Kong to find and fight crimes with a new team. There are four types of gameplay modes – armed robbery cases, drug runners chase and arrest cases, smuggling joints, and resolve hostage situations. This pack may be available free.

The last of the campaign expansion pack coming out this month is titled “Nightmare at North Point”. This DLC pack is horror themed, and it will be released on eve of Halloween. The story of the expansion DLC pack follows as such that a former Triad member and mobster is back after death. He was tortured before getting killed. Now he seeks revenge, and he is not alone. A full Battalion of ruthless undead soldiers are with him. Wei Shen has to stop him within a short deadline.The campaign is multi-leveled, but has Time limit.

According to the developer team, more DLC packs are in line for future release, including Movie Masters #1,Triad Enforcer pack,The Dragon Master pack,Square pack, Zodiac Tournament pack and Transportation Terror pack.

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