Top 5 Must-Have Samsung Gear VR Games That You Can’t Miss

Have you got a Samsung Gear VR and you want to have the experience of virtual reality games? You don’t have to pay in order to just try hundred of VR games. We present you the top 5 amazing Samsung Gear VR Games that you just can’t miss.

Top 5 Must-Have Samsung Gear VR Games That You Can't Miss

VR headset is not very expensive anymore since Samsung presented only $100 Samsung Gear VR which is compatible with Galaxy smartphone. According to the report, the company has already sold more than 300k VR headset only in Europe. The demand for Gear VR is extremely high and so does the demand for VR games. There are already hundred of virtual reality games which cost more or less $10 for each. We have put together a list of best 5 VR games that you must try on.

1. Dreadhalls

Dreadhalls is horror-themed dungeon crawler which has released for Gear VR. It will give you overwhelming and scary experience. They recommend the faint of heart for not to play. You will be lost and have to find its exit as well as avoid the creatures that brood in it.

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2. Anshar Wars

You have to control your spaceship using your head and throughout the way, you will shoot everything that comes around. For the people who loves space games, Anshar Wars will blow your mind with astonishing space shooting fun.

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3. Eve: Gunjack

Gunjack is super fun arcade shooter which features visually impressive sci-fi world. The action-packed game will let you face the danger and destruction. You have to jack into the turret and power up your guns in order to defend the enemy.

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4. Land’s End

Land’s End presents you VR adventure through spectacular landscapes. You will play in ancient civilization and use the powers of the human mind. It has got interactive storytelling which will ensure astounding virtual reality experience.

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Price: $7.99

5. Smash Hit

You have to smash your way through exquisite dimension. By smashing the barrier, you have to clean up your path. With virtual reality experience, you will enjoy the journey for sure.

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Try out these amazing Virtual reality games right now and let us know your experience.


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