[Best of August] Explore The Top 7 Finest New Games On App Store

If you are looking for a new and best way to kill time, then we have got some quite amazing games which have found spots on our Top 7 Finest games for the month August.


We have sifted tons of games released last month and found there are hundreds of fantastic games available on App Store. Among all of those, we have picked the best 7 for your Apple device.

1. Star Wars: Commander


Star Wars Commander is an action-packed and combat strategy game from Disney Interactive. It has featured the characters, plots and technologies of the Star Wars Saga. You can build powerful armies, units and vehicles to defend the enemies and other players around the galaxy. There are multiple planets to visit and many exciting missions to complete as a leader in the front lines of the Galactic Civil War.
App Store Link: Click Here
Price: Free
Size: 56.9 MB

2. Madden NFL Mobile

Madden NFL

EA Sports brings the most authentic football experience to date on iPhone and iPad with Madden NFL Mobile. You can make your ultimate MADDEN NFL team with real players and you can collect, manage and upgrade. You can also challenge your friends as well as lead your team to the Super Bowl. This exclusive Madden game will let you know the live updates of real events by one tap.

App Store Link: Click Here
Price: Free
Size: 90.9 MB

3. Swing Copters


Smash hit Flappy Birds developer Dong Nguyen has released the sequel ‘Swing Copters‘ which is almost ruling the App Store and Android top chart from the beginning. The latest game is super popular, but frustrating just like the previous one. However, the aim of this game is to navigate the helicopter through gates blocked by some swing hammers which is unexpectedly difficult.

App Store Link: Click Here
Price: Free
Size: 8 MB



Godus is the re-genesis of God game by Peter Molyneus that will give you a unique and imaginative experience through the journey of a simulated world. Playing the role of God, you will take control of the whole world and guide your citizen in a way that the growth of civilizations will lead to advance ages from primitive age.

App Store Link: Click Here
Price: Free
Size: 94.1 MB

5. Little Riders: Robin’s Revenge

Little Riders Robin's Revenge

Little Riders: Robin’s Revenge let you build your own village and raise your army of Riders. You can recruit some super heroes and use legendary weapons to defend the enemies. It’s kind of mixture of building, combat and adventure game.

App Store Link: Click Here
Price: Free
Size: 141 MB

6.Tiny Tower Vegas

Tiny Tower Vegas

Now you can build a tower in your dream – destination Las Vegas. In the tower, you can add you own casino, hotel, shopping center, dining, entertaining floors and many more. You can design everything as your wish and also go to visit your friends to earn chips.

App Store Link: Click Here
Price: Free
Size: 41.4 MB

7. WWE SuperCard


WWE SuperCard features all your favorite WWE Superstars, Divas, Legends and Managers together and you can build roster to fight against online players and your friends. You can customize your team and win the matches to be King Of The Ring. You will get exciting cards all the way and action will never end for sure!

App Store Link: Click Here
Price: Free
Size: 80.1 MB

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