[Review] TwoDots: An Excellent Sequel To The Extremely Popular ‘Dots’

TwoDots is the latest-generation of the Betawork presented ‘Dots‘ which was one of the most popular mobile games of 2013. This brand new game is about the journey of two brave dots who are waiting to be connected by you!


The New York-based startup Betaworks stormed the gaming world with ‘Dots: A game about connecting’ last year. Following the smash hit phenomenon, the company has released TwoDots last Thursday for iOS device. Now the team members of TwoDots are working on Android version of this app which is expected to be released soon.

Our Review

‘Dots’ game is all about connecting though things have changed for uplift in this sequel as TwoDots has got more options and challenges which might make you super addictive. The basic gameplay remains same – you vanish two or more similarly colored dots by connecting them by horizontal or vertical swipes. If you can make a square, it will clean up all the same colored dots on screen.

TwoDots 0

TwoDots has introduced two characters named Amelia and Jacques who travel arctic tundras, navigate fiery jungles and plunge the ocean delths. Throughout the journey, you have to pass 85 levels. In every level, you are given certain amount of moves to complete the number of goals. Instead of maintaining time and all that, here you will focus on moves. If you can complete all your goals in far fewer moves than given, you will achieve three stars for that level with some numberic score.

The main catch of this squeal is LIVES which are limited! You will start with 5 lives but if you fail in any level and you have to replay that level then it will cost 1 live. It takes 20 minutes to refill one live or if you are crazy enough and freak out with waiting, then you can purchase five lives with $0.99. There are also some power-ups and extra moves which are also available for some price.

TwoDots 2

Comparing to Dots, the best thing about TwoDots is you don’t need to think about time! You will get unlimited time to figure out perfect move without caring the clock. The catchy set of sound effect is totally relaxing and really enjoable. I recommend you playing the game keeping the sound ‘ON’.

Though this super addictive game is FREE on App Store but you can also purchase those items within games. Well, you can also connect your Facebook account to see your friend’s level! For enjoying this pretty simple but super addictive game, you can download it from the link given below. Don’t forget to let us know your opinion redarging this app.

Download Link

iTunes Link: Click Here
Version: 1.0
Size: 50.6 MB

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