Used Games Will Work On Xbox One, Says Microsoft

When Microsoft first unveiled Xbox One, it stated that the new console will not play original Xbox games. Gamers were concerned as to whether or not the Microsoft will allow used games on Xbox One. The company has now dispelled these concerns by affirming that used games will work on Xbox One.

Xbox One

Xbox users often tend to purchase a game, play it for some time and then sell it to another user, usually in exchange for another used game. This is usually done through retailers such as GameStop.

Much to the relief of the gamers, Microsoft has affirmed that Xbox One users will be able to transfer their old games to other users, without paying any fees. Users may utilize the feature either to transfer a given game to another user or simply transfer it to a different console unit. Once a user installs any game on his primary device, he can then access it through an online library from any other console.

However, users continue to express other contentions towards the upcoming console. For instance, one of the highlights of Xbox One is that it will have to be connected to the internet, at least once every 24 hours. Many have cited concerns that Microsoft may eventually push the users to keep their game consoles connected at all times.

While Microsoft hasn’t directly commented on these concerns, it is expected that the company will respond to them at the E3 video game conference in Los Angeles. Microsoft will also divulge further details of the console at the event.

Courtesy: Seattle Times

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