Valve Invites People To Playtest Its Futurestic Hardware Prototypes

Valve is a wildly popular phenomenon among the gamer community. Its game distribution engine, Steam, has recently stepped into the software arena as well and there had been reports that the company was also planning to launch its own hardware. Now, Valve is inviting people to fill out its survey and express their interest, and expertise, in playtesting its hardware prototypes.


Naturally, this is really exciting since folks at Valve are known for their creativity. So we can rest assured that whatever prototypes they want playtested, they must be cool pieces of hardware.

The company has uploaded an online survey at its website where it asks detailed information about the gaming experience of a person as well as his background in technology. The company is apparently seeking ardent gamers who have played hundreds of hour across multiple platforms and can easily discern a good game as well as a good gaming device.

Those who’ll be selected by Valve will be invited to playtest not only these prototypes but also the released and unreleased versions of Valve’s games. Again, while playing the released versions if fine, getting your hands on unreleased versions well ahead of the official launch is something many gamers crave for.

However, your chances of getting into this program are good only if, apart from being a great gamer and a good tech person, you reside in Seattle/Bullevue. The company is currently seeking playtesters from these regions although it has said that it plans on expanding to other regions in the future. So if you fulfill most of the fore-mentioned criterion, you may want to fill out this form and try your luck.

Source: Valve

Courtesy: Engadget

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