Rumour: Call Of Duty Online Next Week

A rumor has just recently been spotted floating around the world wide web that states that Activision plans on announcing something big for their Call of Duty franchise, but the best part of this rumor is that the announcement is said to be coming very soon and the big Call of Duty news is said to be coming within the next week……….


Activision will be announcing a new Call of Duty game next week and it won’t be another single player installment to the series and next CoD game will apparently be an online-only version of Activision’s hit first person shooter franchise. Tentatively called Call of Duty Online, it is also speculated to run on a Free-to-Play business model similar to how Battlefield Play4Free works.If CoD’s massive fanbase is anything to go by, the online version of the game should be a hit from the get go – provided that Activation pulls it off correctly. After all, EA has publicly challenged CoD by saying that Battlefield 3 is superior in every way it’s only fair if EA brings the battle onto their turf. Well like all rumors, take it with a pinch of salt.Activision have been hinting at might finally be ready to be shown to press and I’m going to speculate that this is Activision’s big move against EA’s Battlefield Play4Free and the like.



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