New XBox One Kinect Camera Can See Through Clothes, Coming This Nov 22

Software giant Microsoft unveiled its new Kinect sensor as part of its Xbox One event. Microsoft has developed its Kinect sensor and now XBox One Kinect camera can see through clothes and detect every part of anatomy.


The new camera sensor can read up to six skeletons at once. Its ‘small object detection’ is said to be two-and-a-half times better than the earlier one, thanks to¬†increased ‘field of view’ that is now 60 per cent wider than the current Kinect. However, the newly developed Kinect sensor is able to see faces, track eye movements and detect expressions. That’s not all. Due to having active infrared (IR) which is usually used for thermal imaging and in night-vision goggles, it can recognize features and body movements in the dark and dimly lit rooms.

XBox One Kinect Camera Can See Through Clothes

The Xbox Kinect has proven to be extremely good at recognizing the human body. Only last week, a group of Japanese researchers used the sensor to create a device that can translate sign language.

However, the developed sensor will be sold with the new console. Both will be available from 22 November. As of now, here’s a video of what new XBox One Kinect camera can do.

Source: Daily Mail

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