Xbox One Wireless Controller, Charge Kit And Headsets Available For Pre-Order

Some new accessories for the Xbox is now available for pre-order at the Microsoft Store. You can now pre-order the Xbox One Wireless Controller with Play and Charge Kit for $74.99 where as only Wireless Controller costs $59.99 and the Charge Kit costs $24.99. Besides, there is a Chat Headset which is set at $24.99 for pre-order at Microsoft Store.


Online retailer giant Amazon is also taking the pre-order for Xbox One controller. Interestingly, where Microsoft is showing a release date of 31 Dec for the Xbox One controller, Amazon is showing November 27 release for that.

So, if you have plan for pre-order for any of the accessories, we think you should go with the Amazon as it is releasing the controller earlier than Microsoft Store.

Source: Engadget

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