Zynga Might Acquire OMGPOP’s “Draw Something”

Zynga has indeed come a long way from being popular on Facebook to having its own independent site where users are flocking in, unlike migratory birds, they will stay there however. They are hooked to Zynga games so much and the social gaming company has also decided not to let these users get away ever. Hence, Zynga wants to finish off any competition. For this, it is reportedly acquiring its competitor OMGPOP, which are the makers of the popular “Draw Something”.

It is a social gaming champ on Facebook currently having the highest number of daily average users. According to Digital Trends, there is an unnamed source for TechCrunch which has reported this. But OMGPOP is not only being attempted at by Zynga, other Japanese buyers like Gree and DeNA are also interested in it. The expected price of purchase is between $150 million to $250 million. But it is not bad for a newer entry.

Zynga seems to have admired the sudden success just like it had got. Hence, buying off is their only option to remain on the top on social gaming. If in fact the acquisition does take place, then it would be the Zynga’s biggest publically disclosed acquisition. The experts also believe that Zynga is actually facing tough time competing against OMGPOP on mobiles as mobile gaming is getting more important for such social gaming companies.

Zynga sees itself as a major player in mobile gaming and does not want that position to go to OMGPOP. According to AppData, Draw Something’s daily users on average are more than Words With Friends with approximately 4.2 million more users. Another interesting statistic with regards to Draw Something is that it has been downloaded 30 million times on iOS and Android in a period of just five weeks and on Facebook as well it’s the current top game.

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