Gavio Launched WRENZ Bird Shaped Speaker

Gavio, a Singapore company has launched bird shaped speaker name WRENZ. Its aluminum body and finishing will surely glaze yours eyes. This beautyful speaker is encased with a streamlined, high polished aluminum surface top which creates a visually stunning and exquisite effect. Its feature is a “sexy design contours” and finishing like a mirror.

WRENZ Bird Shaped Speaker

Wrenz portrays nature at its finest at the palm of your hand. This finely crafted work of art inspires modern living with its timeless, smooth flowing design. Modest in size, Wrenz is fully capable of delivering powerful and high-quality rich sound. Connect them together, a symphony is made. “Take flight to a new dimension in sound”



With its size no larger than your palm, the Wrenz’s stunning mirror finish on its sexy design contours creates a visually stunning effect. Stunning design with stunning audio capabilities.


All key items are hidden away. The LED indicator will glow at the top, behind the speaker mesh when switched on. All connection ports are hidden away behind the tail cover and is easily accessible when needed.


Unique design and environmentally friendly bio-degradable materials are used to reduce the product’s carbon foot print. Un-boxing a product has never been move exciting.

A limited edition packaging with only a fixed number of production units per year. Hang it anywhere at home, in the office, or at picnics at a park. Open up the door at the front and let WRENZ sing your favourite music tunes via Bluetooth.


Daisy Chain Feature
With the daisy chain feature, you are able to link several Wrenz speakers together to form a large music choir.

Pocket Sized Portability
Smaller than the size of your palm. We gave the challenge to our engineers to ensure we keep the size to a minimum without compromising the quality. They did just that.

In-Built Rechargeable Battery
With the in-built rechargeable battery, the Wrenz brings speaker power efficiency to new levels and with great convenience.

Standard 3.5mm stereo jack
May it be your phone, Mp3 Mp4, digital tablet, etc, you can rest assured that it will work with any device with a 3.5 mm headphone jack.

High Quality Neodymium Mini Driver
Superior audio quality offering great efficiency and great sound in this customized driver.

Technical Specification

Speaker Drivers 32mm
Total RMS Power 2W
Frequency Response 180Hz~20KHz
Li-ion Battery Voltage 3.7V
Li-ion Battery Capacity 300mAh
Signal-to-Noise Ratio 85dB

WRENZ is now available at Gavio for SGD $89.9

WRENZ Bird Shaped Speaker
WRENZ Bird Shaped Speaker
WRENZ Bird Shaped Speaker
WRENZ Bird Shaped Speaker
WRENZ Bird Shaped Speaker

Source: Mygavio

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