GigaPan’s Epic Robotic Cameras

GigaPan’s recent introduction of their new robotic camera panorama mounts include the EPIC, EPIC 100 and EPIC Pro. All three are capable of producing multi-gigapixel images by stitching together hundreds of images, courtesy of the included post-processing GigaPan Stitch software. The first two models can accommodate compact digital cameras and selected smaller DSLRs, while the EPIC Pro is meant for larger DSLRs as well as monstrous lenses which tip the scales at up to 10lbs when used together.
.Designed to work with a broad range of compact digital cameras, the EPIC series of robotic panoheads make it fun and easy to capture multi-gigapixel panoramas and work seamlessly with GigaPan Stitch software (included with purchase!) and

This model will accommodate DSLR and lens combinations up to ten pounds, and give you a 7.2V, 4300mAH rechargeable battery (as opposed to the AAs used in the smaller models), along with a few new features like a multiple triggering option to take multiple shots at each image position.
Epic 100
The all important timer function is also included, allowing you to shoot an image every 1, 15, 30, 60, 120 or 300 seconds. Expect the EPIC to cost $349, while the EPIC 100 is going for $449 with the EPIC Pro being the most expensive among the lot at $895. Shipping commences this April.

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