Griffin StompBox For iOS

Griffin Technology announces the availability of StompBox for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch and the four button foot controller works with Frontier Design’s iShred LIVE app for iOS, connecting your instrument via an included GuitarConnect cable to a 1/4-inch jack. device is said to be a programmable multi-functional foot controller that enables virtual guitar effects and created to work in collaboration with the iShread Live app, the combination of the software and hardware claims to provide users a convenient method to switch between effects using their feet. This musical f/x dongle is available to order now for $99.99 online and the effects switcher doesn’t come bundled with a copycat of Slash’s hat……………….


Griffin Technology Inc., makers of innovations for everyday life is excited to announce that StompBox is now available. StompBox is a programmable multi-functional foot controller that enables virtual guitar effects. Designed to work with any instrument that takes a 1/4-inch jack such as a guitar, bass guitar, electric violin and keyboard, StompBox was created to work with Frontier Design‘s iShred LIVE app. The combination of StompBox and iShred LIVE allows musicians to switch effects with their feet, without taking their hands off the instrument. StompBox is packaged with the Griffin GuitarConnect cable to enable simultaneous connection to instruments, headphones and an iOS device. Using iShred LIVE, the individual foot switches can be assigned to control different effects within the app, turning your device into a stage-worthy effects rig. StompBox is not just for musicians. Its programmable controls also work with Qscript, Griffin‘s teleprompter app for iPad. Using StompBox with Qscript you can control text scrolling and other presentation functions with one foot. StompBox is available for $99.99 from Apple Retail Stores, or from iShred LIVE App for iPad, iPhone or iPod touch is available for free from the App Store at Qscript App for iPad is available for $7.99 from the App Store at



  • 4 button foot controller – brings professional quality foot-switch functionality to iPhone, iPad or iPod touch
  • Assignable foot-activated switches – easily assign StompBox’s switches for instrumental performance or for presentations1/4-inch jack – accommodates variable input pedals like volume or wah-wah1 meter
  •  heavy-duty dock connector cable – easily link StompBox to iPad, iPhone or iPod touch
  • GuitarConnect cable – three-connector cable for simultaneous connection to iOS device, instrument, and headphones, PA or amp

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