Guy Has Fun Smashing iPad To Pieces

With all the love the iPad has been receiver from the public since it’s launch two days ago, here’s one dude who doesn’t mind getting rough with the Apple tablet. He smashes one of his three iPads to pieces outside right on the sidewalk while spectators film his crazy antics.

Here’s the Story: Apparently, YouTube user THISisCaSpEr bought all three models of the WiFi iPad at a Best Buy at Pittsburgh today. And he decided that smashing the $500 iPad with a baseball bat was “fun”.

Though pointless, the video reveals that the aluminum backing is fairly thin, which made it easier to dent and bent with a considerable amount of force. And also, as shown in the video, the downside to a bigger glass screen (Or whatever that was) is that it will be more prone to screen cracking. The iPad was dropped screen first on the concrete pavement and the result…

Source: iPadInsider.

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