HDMI 2.0 Unveiled For The New Crop Of Ultra HD TVs

HDMI Licensing has finally announced the much-awaited version 2.0 of HDMI. The new version arrives with support for higher resolutions, higher frame rates and greater speeds.

HDMI 2.0

According to the company, HDMI 2.0 comes equipped with support for 60 FPS video at resolutions as high as 3840 x 2160. Nearly four years ago, the company released HDMI 1.4 which came with support for the same resolution but at 30 FPS.

This bump in the FPS rate is very significant, apart from the other notable features offered in HDMI 2.0. The new version includes support for up to 32 channels as well as ‘dynamic auto lip-sync’ which can be a very useful feature for many users. Given that 4K displays are all the rage in modern-day TV industry, HDMI 2.0 is able to support 4K resolution perfectly well.

However, if you try to run 8K videos, at 60 FPS, through HDMI 2.0, it may not go down very well. But that shouldn’t be much of a constraint, given that very few display are using 8K resolutions for now.

The best thing about version 2.0 of HDMI is that it comes in the same shape as HDMI 1.4, which essentially means that it is backwards compatible. So you don’t have to worry about any hardware changes. HDMI Licensing has promised that it will be divulging further details of the new version at a September 6 press conference.

Courtesy: Arstechnica

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  1. Tsais

    I wonder who finally lit a fire under the lazy arses at HDMI to improve their sorry “standard”…

    A limit of 24 Hz at 1080p was atrociously poor for computer users and gamers alike.

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