Hue Tap By Philips Offers Wireless Controls For Smart Lights

We have seen a number of smart lights in the past few years, as part of the greater home automation front. Now, Philips is pushing the boundaries by offering Hue Tap, a nifty gadget that lets you control smart lights through a tap.

Hue Tap

This is certainly a reminder that technology is making humans ultra lazy. There used to be a time when humans had to walk over to the switch boards to turn on or off the lights. Then came the remote devices which you had to point towards the boards or the lights and accomplish the same task.

More recently, smart lights have started coming with apps which require you to bring out the smartphone and get instant access to a whole range of settings and controls. Each subsequent progression devises ways of handling smart lights which are lazier and requires little, if no, effort. But the Philips Hue Tap has certainly notched up the bar here.

It is simply a tap switch which is connected wirelessly with Philips smart lights. The best part of this switch is that it doesn’t need power to function. Rather, it gets enough kinetic power when you tap it and using that power, it is able to accomplish the task of tuning down or turning up the lights. The Hue Tap costs a mere $60 and will be made available later this year.

Hue Lux

The company has also unveiled Hue Lux, a bulb which follows the design pattern in the Hue line-up but comes with white light and costs $40 compared to the $60 version which comes in non-white colors. While Philips has entered the smart lights arena relatively recently, the company has revealed some neat tricks. Home automation buffs may want to check them out.

Courtesy: TechCrunch

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