Hitachi Will Build The World’s Fastest Lift In Southern China

With higher skyscrapers comes the need to travel in a faster lift. Hitachi aims to fulfill this need by creating the world’s fastest lift for a skyscraper in Guangzhou, China. This lift’s speeds will go as high as 72 km/h.

Guangzhou CTF Financial Center

The Guangzhou CTF Financial Center, which will host this Hitachi-made lift, is under construction and will be completed in 2016. It will comprise of 95 floors which helps one understand why would anyone want high-speed lifts in such a building.

The aforementioned lift that Hitachi aims to create for this building will zoom up passengers from the ground floor to the 95th floor within 43 seconds. Such high speed travel poses a number of problems and risks. But Hitachi says that it will be taking all necessary precautions and measures to make this ride as smooth as possible.

The company says that its ultra-fast lift will include guiding rollers which can adapt to the changing wind pressure as it gears up to high speeds. Moreover, the internal pressure of the lift will be artificially maintained so that the passengers don’t feel any discomfort such as ear blockage.

The CTF Financial Center will host a total of 95 lifts and only two of them will be ultra-fast. This isn’t the first time someone has ventured to create a high-speed lift for a skyscraper. Such lifts are currently being used in Taiwan, where the current record is held by a lift in┬áthe┬áTaipei 101 building. This lift operates at speeds that can go as high as 60.6 km/h. Another lift in Yokohama Landmark Tower in Japan can operate at a speed of up to 750 meters per minute.

Courtesy: BBC

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