ROUTE 66 Launches Panoramic Car Kit, Supports Apple, HTC And Samsung Smartphones

ROUTE 66, a Swiss base mobile mapping and navigation solutions company, recently has announced its new range of Panoramic Car Kits, which is now available. The new car kit is specially made for present’s smartphones. It supports Apple, HTC and Samsung smartphones such as Apple iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4S, HTC One X and the Samsung S, GALAXY S 2, GALAXY S 3, GALAXY Note etc.

Panoramic Car Kits, image

ROUTE 66’s Panoramic Car Kit is designed in such a way that users will not loose any fit or they will not have to compromise the navigation app’s quality. The special design of Panoramic Car Kit ensures its durability and able to deliver clear view for the rear camera of the smartphone. The Follow Me navigation feature displayed you real road ahead as there is a virtual car as your guide.

Job van Dijk, ROUTE 66 Chief Operating Officer said, “We believe in providing a complete navigation experience for our customers and this includes having a car kit that lets them make the most of our app.” He also added, “The new Panoramic Car Kit works perfectly with our Follow Me augmented reality navigation feature, it powers up your device in double-quick time and it’s tailor-made for your smartphone’s shape.”

ROUTE 66 also provides Panoramic Car Kit – a car mount, device holder, dual USB car charger, cable, adhesive dashboard disk and easy-start guide. The retail price of the kit is EUR 19.99 that is now available at ROUTE 66 Store.

Source: ROUTE 66

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