How To Recharge Your Smartphones And Tablets Faster

Modern-day smartphones and tablets are great tools in that they’ve put amazing technology literally at our fingertips. But one of the nagging problems of these devices is that they are power-hungry and require frequent recharges. Given below are a few tips that will let you recharge your iPhone, iPad, or any other Android devices significantly faster.

Smartphones and tablets

The fact that smartphones and tablets require a lot of battery juice is no surprise. They are packed with a whole plethora of sub-parts which sap away the battery within hours. To top it, the more apps you are running on your handset or tablet, the more power it requires and the sooner your battery dies.

To start off, the main aspects of a handset that consumes battery power are the cellular connection, Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth and other connectivity options. At the same time, there are half a dozen sensors working under the hood of your device and working the tech magic. These may include the following:

# Global Positioning System
# Accelerometer
# Compass
# Gyroscope
# Proximity sensor
# Motion sensor

In certain recent handsets such as the iPhone 5S or the Samsung Galaxy S4, the vendors may have packed even more sensors. So the big question is, how to plug in your handset so that you are able to charge it in minimum possible time. Here are a few possible ways of recharging your device quickly:

  • You can turn off the aforementioned handset connectivity options. In most cases, this will automatically be done if you turn on the Airplane Mode. This will significantly speed up the recharging pace of your device.
  • If you are not in the middle of a heavy barrage of communication or if you don’t need to stay reachable at the time of recharge, you can simply turn off your handset and put it on recharge. This ensures the speediest recharge that is possible.
  • Finally, if you are in the middle of work and need to keep your handset not only on but also connected, you can slightly speed up the recharge by shutting down the apps working in the background.

These tips will ensure that when you plug in your handset or tablet, it recharges quickly. In some of these cases, you may be able to trim down the recharge time of your device as much as 50%.

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