IEE Human System Interface Glasses-Free 3D Display

IEE might want to turn that perception around as they have integrated 3M’s revolutionary 3D film that does not need any 3D glasses to view into its very own field-proven, military-qualified handheld 4.8-inch control display unitor CDU for short and this kind of close cooperation will see such 3D displays being used for custom applications, where it was initially developed for use in terrain mapping, remote robotics control and enhanced video feeds. The Preliminary Advanced Information device is designed to show accurate terrain maps and the display is also a low power device, so it is able to pack in a higher resolution compared to other displays using 3D technology at 800 x 480 x RGB with a typical brightness of 200 cd/m2 in both 2D and 3D modes………………..


IEE Inc., specializing in the design, test support and fielding of human system interface (HSI) display technologies in a wide range of military/aerospace, industrial and retail applications, has integrated 3M‘s revolutionary 3D film, which requires no 3D glasses, into its field-proven, military-qualified handheld 4.8-inch control display unit (CDU). A close cooperation between IEE and 3M is facilitating the development of the 3D display for custom applications. Initially developed for use in terrain mapping, remote robotics control and enhanced video feeds, the new 3D display is making its way in virtually all rugged, military display applications from remote observation to training environments. In addition to the 3D functionality, key design elements are the unit’s small size and LED backlight technology that provides a low power, portable device with a higher resolution than other displays using 3D technology. The new 4.8″ display decreases off-axis image reversals and color distortions, a common concern in the use of 3D technologies and can easily be switched to 2D with imagery comparable to modern day smart phones. The display features a resolution of 800 x 480 x RGB with a typical brightness of 200 cd/m2in both 2D and 3D modes with an optimum viewing distance of 16″. External dimension are 3.45″ x 5.98″ x 1.22″. A system integration development (SID) kit that allows developers to work with the 3D display technologies and related software will be available for government agencies and prime contractors in first quarter 2012. Technology demonstrations are available now with units scheduled to ship in second quarter 2012.


Product Features:

  • Military Qualified, Combat Proven, Rugged Units for MIL-STD-810 Environments, including Wide -40°C to +70°C Operating Temperature
  • Display Sizes and Resolutions Range from 4-line 2.8” Character Displays to Full Graphic Displays from 3.5” QVGA through 7.0”-wide SVGA
  • Multi-mode Backlighting Systems that Provide Sunlight Readability and NVIS Compatibility
  • Integrated Touch Screen Technology: Resistive, IR, SAW, Multi-touch
  • Low Power, High Performance Reprogrammable Microprocessor-based Operation Supporting Customization
  • Flexible Serial Data Interfacing through Industry-standard Ethernet and EIA RS-422
  • Functionality Ranging from Basic Text I/O to Full Web Browser Features Supporting HTML 5.0 Executing Java Scripts
  • Linux or Android OS Hosted on an ARM Processor
  • Optional “Zeroize” Switch under an Accident-proof Cover

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