Apple Releases AI Robotics Controller App – Anki Drive

A number of robotic products, coupled with smartphone apps, have come out in recent months. Apple has now announced a new iOS app called Anki Drive, which essentially lets you control artificially intelligent robots from your smartphone.

Anki Drive

Anki means ‘memorize’ in Japanese. It is essentially meant to be used in conjunction with certain AI robotics. For instance, initially we are being told that the app will be made available with functionality for smart cars which can automatically track on their own.

Of course, the availability of the app means that you can take over the control of the smart cars at any time and then start steering it through the control options on your app. Apple has touted the app as the first ever ‘video game in real world.’

The iOS app of the ‘game’ is currently available on the App Store but is in the beta phase. The full release of the app is expected to arrive by fall this year. The developers of the app promise that once you take control of the smart cars through the app, you are really going to understand what makes this app so extra-ordinary.

In an official blog post on Anki’s blog, the team reveals why this video game of sorts is so special, “At first glance, it’s a racing game that pits real cars against players and each other – but after playing for a few minutes, you’ll see what makes Anki Drive special: We are making the first video games in the real world, and our team has worked tirelessly on the robotics and AI challenges that this presents. Each car is equipped with sensors and intelligent software to make thousands of decisions every second. We use mobile devices not as remote controls, but as drivers for an immersive real-world experience. And we took great care to make sure that despite everything under the hood, the final experience is intuitive and entertaining.”

You can download the iOS app for Anki Drive from the App Store. 

Source: Anki

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