An Earlier Unboxing Of iPhone 5!!

Someone is unboxing an iPhone 5 before the actual release and this time t’s a pretty self-evident, tongue-in-cheek fake put forward by case and skin makers ZAGG……….


Not if it’s true, but it certainly looks real or have gone to great lengths to create the fake, this new iPhone 5 looks too much like iPhone 3G, but with the finesse of the iPhone 4 and it’s a work of Photoshop to me, just checkout the video below:


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  1. Rockspy19


  2. Ifan

    its fake. its a 3g* series, even the font on the box isn’t the same.

  3. Pms

    You can see that the guy takes the iphone and this doesnt weight nothing… Dont be a loser, you dont make anybody laught.

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