How To Generate Your 2018 Best Nine Instagram Photo Collage

Instagram is a Popular Social Media for documenting one’s personal life. A Good Caption and a Good Picture can get you thousands of likes and even thousands of followers. 2019 has just started. Some might have already started working on their goals and smashing their resolutions. Which is obviously a good thing. But have you taken the time out to reflect on 2018?

Top Nine Instagram Posts

What if we ask you to go month by month and pick the greatest moments from 2018? It might appear as a daunting task. Who has the time and patience to go month by month scavenging through their Instagram Account and pick the best posts?

This is where Top Nine comes in. It is a great App that fetches your best Instagram Posts and builds a beautiful Collage with them.

You don’t actually need to pick your nine best photos yourself and feed them into the App. The Top Nine App will do all the things itself. After you Download and Install the App, it will ask for your Account Handle and an Email ID. And that’s all from your part. The App will then look through all your Instagram Posts in 2018 and pick the most liked ones itself, and email the collage to you. Simple right?

There are two ways you can use Top Nine. If your Instagram Account is Private you would need to Download and Install the Top Nine App. On the other hand, if your Instagram Account is Public you can use the Top Nine Website. This blog covers both the methods.

Using the Website

If your account is Public, you can get a beautiful collage of your best nine Instagram Photos directly from the Website.

  • Visit the Website
  • Enter your Instagram Account Handle in the Instagram Username field.

  • Hit the Continue button. Enter your Email ID. Top Nine will send the Collage to the Email ID you provide here.

  • Once you receive the mail, simply download the image and get sharing.

Using the App

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  • First you need to Download and Install the App.
  • Open the App.
  • Enter your Instagram Account Handle.

  • Enter your Email ID. The App will send the Collage to the email ID you provide here.

Wrapping Up!

Top Nine was launched 3 years ago, starting a huge trend where millions of users shared their Top Nine image, including hundreds of influencers and celebrities. If you are new to this App, know that the New Year vibe hasn’t died off yet. You can still use the App to create a 2018 Photo Collage today. Do share the Collage with us. We would love to see how your 2018 was.

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