Apple Bring Volume App Purchases For Business

Apple has made an announced to the developers that business customers will be able to buy their apps in volume soon. By clicking through the latest Paid Applications Agreement so that your apps will be offered for sale when the Volume Purchase Program is available to businesses. iclarified shared some detail on this, checkout bellow.

Offer Your Apps in Volume
With the App Store Volume Purchase Program, businesses and education institutions in the United States can discover, purchase, and distribute your paid apps to their entire organization. You can also choose to offer special pricing that is 50% of your list price to education institutions when they purchase 20 or more copies of your app.

Sell and Distribute Custom B2B Apps to Business Customers
You can offer custom B2B apps directly to your business customers who have a Volume Purchase Program account. A custom B2B app provides a unique, tailored solution to address a specific business need or requirement.

Some features of a custom B2B app can include:
● A personalized UI including company logo or branding
● Unique capabilities specific to a business process or workflow
● Extra privacy protection to handle sensitive data
● A specific configuration to meet the customer’s server/back-office environment or IT environment
● Features targeting a limited audience, such as a business partner, dealer, or franchise

You can define the price for the custom B2B app according to the guidelines provided in the latest price schedule. The minimum price for a custom B2B app is $9.99.

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