Apple Campus 2 New Aerial Drone Footage At Sunset [Video]

The Construction of Apple‘s spaceship HQ is going fast and again captured in a drone footage. Another aerial drone video of Apple Campus 2 has been uploaded to Youtube which showed off the sunset time near Cupertino and other construction progress as well.

Apple Campus 2

Just like the last month, we have got another drone footage of Apple spaceship campus. The drone pilot Duncan Sinfield has recorded the great aerial footage of the spaceship campus at sunset and uploaded it on his YouTube Channel. You can check out the progress of Campus 2 from the video given below.

Watch Drone footage of Apple Campus 2

You can have a look at the progress of the basic construction of the largest office building in the world as it’s almost done. The company is expected to complete the construction by this year and hope to start moving into its new headquarter at the beginning of next year.

You can also check out the previous video of Apple Campus 2 that we have posted before. Click here to watch all drone footage of Apple spaceship headquarter.


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