Apple Canada Lists Apps As ‘Optimized For iPhone 6’

Apple Canada recently made what seems to be a mistake, leading to a barrage of theories. It listed some of the official apps as ‘optimized for iPhone 6’ which immediately pricked up the interest of the users and lead to countless theories.

iPhone 6

Interestingly, the mention of ‘iPhone 6’ occurs in iMove, iPhoto, Pages and Keynote which includes some of the native apps and it could be spotted only in the Canadian iTunes store.

While this does sound like a pure mistake, many have speculated that this may be a reference to an actual iPhone 6 handset. Since the mistaken text occurs in such apps which have apparently been optimized for larger displays, some have also speculated that iPhone 6 may pack a larger display when it arrives.

Canada Apple

However, even it turns out to be true, we will have to wait a long while before any rumors about iPhone 6 could be substantiated. In the meantime, the expected launch of iPhone 5S is just around the corner and we are eagerly looking forward to what Apple intends to unveil. To keep abreast of the latest updates, stay tuned to our site. We will be bringing the news straight from the launch event.

Courtesy: TNW

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