Apple Files Patent About 3D iPhone Technology

Rumors about a 3D iPhone have reared their head a number of times and then died subsequently. It has been speculated times and again that Apple may eventually reveal a 3D smartphone but the company is absolutely stolid to these rumors and hasn’t said a word about them. However, we do know now through a patent filed by Apple that it is at least working on such a technology. The patent deals with the ability to create a 3D visual experience without the need for any special glasses for the user.

The new patents deals with a 3D technology that may come to iPhone devices sometime in future. This 3D technology would let the user choose from both 2D and 3D displays when he uses his device. The device which shall use this technology will also need to have a number of hardware additions, such as an eye-tracking technology as well as different motion sensors.

When a user will use this device, the accelerometer and the compass will detect his movement with respect to the device and then will change the orientation of the on-screen objects accordingly. This will make the user get a very real feeling of a 3D screen.

However, what remains to be seen is that how exactly may Apple use this technology to bring us something new. 3D smartphone and players have already been in the market and they haven’t been a big deal, experiencing just a nominal success. So if Apple brings just a 3D display to iPhone, that won’t work. On the contrary, if Apple couples this technology with some really awesome use of this technology, quite like Apple’s style, it may well be the next big thing in the iPhone devices.

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