Apple Has Begun iOS 5.0 Field Testing

FutureTap, App Store developer reported they have received first crash report from an iOS 5.0 device which indicate Apple is field testing upcoming iOS 5.

iOS 5.0

The application apparently crashed in iOS 5 due to the MKUserLocationBreadCrumb. Developer Will Strafach (Chronic) informed 9to5Mac that this API relates to the iOS maps and location functionality.

Just received the first iOS 5.0 crash report. MKUserLocationBreadCrumb sounds interesting.

This also mean Apple changed some map and location APIs in iOS 5 which is causing issues with map-based applications built for current versions of iOS 4.0. iOS 5 is expected to take on some new cloud-based features and will be officially unveiled at Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference in early June. Apple is expected to release iOS 5 in September alongside the fifth-generation iPhone. 

FutureTap just released below screen shot of their iOS 5 hits. Their WhereTo application has seen five iOS 5.0 and four of the hits come from AT&T HQ. This means that both Apple and their largest carrier are actively testing the new operating system before its early June preview. The AT&T-based device(s) is the iPhone 4 (iPhone 3,1) and the hit from Apple HQ comes from a first-generation iPad. We don’t learn much, but at least we now know that iOS 5 will seemingly not require the dual-core A5 processor in the next iPhone and iPad 2.

Thanks: 9to5Mac
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