Apple Loses Rights To Use ‘iPhone’ Trademark In Mexico

Apple’s trademarks have been quite a problem for the company as it has grown from a U.S.-centric brand to one with global reach and appeal. In Mexico, Apple is facing a similar problem as a court has denied Apple the right to use the ‘iPhone’ trademark in the country.

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Apple has suffered similar setbacks in other regions, among them China. But Apple was able to maneuver those problems by either paying the other party or by securing a legal victory against it.

In Mexico, neither of that seems to be working for the tech giant. The problem involves yet another company based in Mexico which owns the ‘iFone’ trademark. Whereas Apple secured the ‘iPhone’ trademark a lot later, iFone had its name legally copyrighted by 2003.

Apple did try to fend out potential opposition from iFone by launching a lawsuit against it back in 2009. Naturally, folks at iFone were irked at Apple’s brazen attempt and went on to counter-sue Apple. In the legal battle that ensued, Apple seems to have been on the losing side.

This fate was pretty much sealed when a court recently ruled that Apple can’t continue to use the ‘iPhone’ trademark in Mexico. This verdict crops up a whole lot of problems for Apple. It may lead to a ban on the sales of iPhone 5 in Mexico which were due to start this week.

Moreover, it can also enable iFone to go after Apple and ask the latter to ogle up a certain percentage of its overall profits from iPhone sales in Mexico. What is certain is that Apple has been forced to go on back-foot in this particular case.

Source: El Universal

Courtesy: Phone Arena

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