Apple May Include NFC And Fingerprint Sensor In Next iPhone

When it comes to iPhone, we keep hearing rumors and speculations, based on certain ‘inside sources’ all year long. This time, a report in China Times has suggested that Apple has plans of including NFC technology as well as fingerprint sensor in the upcoming iPhone 5S.

iPhone fingerprint

Although such rumors keep surfacing frequently, it would make sense for Apple to include NFC in the next iPhone. A number of smartphones from other vendors already offer the technology. NFC essentially allows smartphone users to make payments, transfer data and accomplish a whole lot of other tasks wirelessly.

The report also mentions that Apple may include fingerprint sensor in the next iPhone. At best, that is an educated guess that many analysts have already forwarded. Apple acquired AuthenTec recently and the firm brings the latest in fingerprint tech to the iPhone maker. Apple may have plans of using this new technology to ramp up the appeal of iPhone 5S but we can’t be very sure about it.

However, citing certain inside sources, the report in China Times claims, “The the iPhone 5S outgoing will support NFC and fingerprint recognition, fingerprint is more security than passwords, fingerprints can not be copied and will not be stolen, most secure mobile payment device allows Apple iPhone 5S.”

While fingerprint authentication is certainly a fairly secure method for individual user authentication on a smartphone, it remains to be seen how preferable it is to other security measures that can be implemented on smartphones.

Source: China Times
Courtesy: 9to5mac

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