Apple One Step Closer To Bring iPhone To China Telecom

Apple has been trying hard to bring it’s iPhone devices to one of the largest consumer markets in the world, China. Earlier, Apple succeeded in launching iPhone 4S with China Unicom, Apple’s official carrier in the country. But now Apple also wants other major Chinese carriers on board. It has been reported that Apple has been able to overcome a regulatory hurdle with China Telecom and is one step close to launch the iPhone device with the carrier. China Telecom is a major Chinese carrier with about 123 million subscribers.

Apple’s iPhone device has been approved by a Chinese regulator. This iPhone device is to be introduced with China Telecom. The network license for the device was issued by China’s Telecommunications Equipment and Certification Center. Apple has been in talks with China Telecom for long and is really eager to have the carrier on board for the iPhone device. With this success, Apple is one step closer to this target and we can hope that it will be able to launch iPhone in collaboration with China Telecom soon. A China Telecom official says that they hope they will be able to launch iPhone soon, although no definite time-table has been given.

However, the largest mobile carrier in China, China Mobile, is still not on board for iPhone devices. Apple has been talking with China Mobile for long and again, there are a number of regulatory hurdles which Apple has to overcome before iPhone is launched by China Mobile too. China Mobile has about 650 million subscribers in China and that clearly makes it the largest mobile carrier in China.

Image courtesy Yutaka Tsutano.

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