Apple Preparing a 4-inch iOS Device With Sony and Hitachi

According to a number of reports, Apple is preparing for yet another surprise. The sources say that Apple is trying to bring together a 4-inch iOS device. To get the displays for this device, Apple has taken Sony and Hitachi on board.

Sony and Hitachi supply displays for 4-inch Apple device:
According to, the Japanese hardware giants, Sony and Hitachi are all set to start the production of displays for the 4-inch device Apple has planned to launch in the future.  Sony and Hitachi are also supplying Apple with LCDs for iPad 3 which is expected to arrive sometime in the second quarter of 2012. However, Sony and Hitachi won’t be the exclusive suppliers of iPad 3 LCDs. A recent report by Wall Street Journal revealed that Sharp will also be shipping LCDs to Apple for iPad 3. Apple has traditionally used the strategy of having its component shipped from multiple partners so that if one of them is compromised due to any reason, it still won’t significantly hinder the production process.

The sources also state that Apple is aiming at IGZO (indium, galium, zinc) LCD panels. This will allow Apple to design upcoming iPad models as much thinner and with a far better battery performance.

At the same time, Apple is actively working on incorporating an all new display technology of iPhad 4. Apple wants the display technology for iPad 4 to be ‘fundamentally distinct’ says the report. Also, another Taiwanese company, for now unnamed, will be providing Apple with LCDs for iPad 4.

Image courtesy Ian Muttoo.

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