Walmart Significantly Drops iPhone 4S And iPhone 5 Prices

Every once in a while, a big-time retailer comes up with a rather irresistible iPhone price discount. Walmart has now significantly slashed the prices of iPhone 4S and iPhone 5. While the new prices are incredibly low and very enticing, they require the users to sign a two-year carrier contract.

iphone 5

Before this hefty discount, Walmart had been offering iPhone 4S for $89, with the two-year contract. The discount brings this price tag down to a mere $39. iPhone 5, on the other hand, was formerly being sold for $189 and now, Walmart is offering it for $129.

Although different retailers routinely offer discounts on iPhone models, this price cut by Walmart is rather huge and kind of unprecedented. Apple has formerly taken objections to huge cuts in iPhone prices by retailers but it remains to be seen that when coupled with a two-year contract, what reaction will this Walmart discount elicit from the iPhone-maker.

Such a price drop at may also pose problems for other retailers such as Best Buy, who claim to match the best iPhone prices in the market. As far as Walmart is concerned, it is possible that the company is simply trying to clear off the excess inventory. However, the retailer has stated that the new prices are permanent.

While Apple is not in the mood of launching a new iPhone any time soon, Samsung has been gearing up for new models of Galaxy S4. Given such competition, it is possible that Apple is intentionally tolerating the iPhone price cuts by notable retailers.

Courtesy: Mashable

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