Apple Pulls Out WikiLeaks App From App Store

After passing some days from its availability apple removed the unofficial wikileaks apps for iPhone and iPad from app store.For those who don’t know, the WikiLeaks app for iPhone and iPad gives you full access to the old and new archives of the WikiLeak in a clean and nice interface and lets you check on the latest updates from Twitter or the organization’s website.

There is not any clear reason for this removal action of the WikiLeaks app, but it’s believed that Apple has removed it, as the app was selling WikiLeaks content for $1.99 which is otherwise available on the Internet for free.

The developer behind the app, Igor Barinov has sent TechCrunch the following screenshot which confirms the removal of the app from the App Store.

Moreover,Apple has joined the corporates like Amazon, PayPal, Mastercard,Visa and Bank of America, which have found one reason and the other to break the ties with the controversial organization WikiLeaks, and its founder Julian Assange.


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