Apple Reveals Cards App In Apple Event, Available From October 12th

Apple announced a new app in the on-going event – Apple Cards. it’s a new app which will allow you to create cards fromyour taken pictures. Apple will also feature more service with it. They will mail you to your address through US postal service. Apple will also notify you when it arrives. The app is free & will be available from 12th October.

According to Apple, there are 500k apps in the app store. App store is the number 1 store for mobile app. As Scott Forstall said in the event, “In just a little more than 3 years, customers have downloaded 18b apps. They’re downloading more than 1b per month. Apple has paid more than $3b for developers for those apps.”

Apple has revealed a new app, Cards where they are also providing home service through third party. In this case US Postal Service is the third party. One can create cards on his/her iPhone & Apple will do the rest of the work to provide you the printed copy with service charge. Apple will charge $2.99 within US for postal delivery.

Scott Forstall said, “You create the card on your iPhone, and we’ll do the rest. We’ll print it out, put the address on it, and mail it. If you mail in the US, we can track it with the US Postal Service barcode, and we’ll send you a push notification when it arrives.”

The app is free to download & will be available from October 12th.

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