Vimeo iPhone App Goes Live With Video Editor

The official Vimeo iPhone App has finally arrived. With many functionalities, you will be able to have the possibility to browse videos in a native interface and upload media directly from their devices.

According to the Vimeo Blog, the new Vimeo iPhone app includes the following features, in addition to the traditional features like watching, liking and commenting on videos:

* Users can watch all of their existing Vimeo videos, as well as download them directly to their camera roll
* Users can easily upload their raw footage or edited videos to Vimeo directly from their phone, in HD or SD
* Pause and resume uploads and receive reminders when a video is paused
* Replace existing videos
* Edit your video titles, descriptions, tags, privacy and credits
* Share videos via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, WordPress, Email or SMS
* Add your clips to Channels, Albums and Groups on Vimeo
* Check out video stats, including daily plays, likes and comments

According to the Vimeo blog, “This is just the beginning, we’ll be bringing you regular updates with feature improvements. Search, AirPlay support, more effects and any other features you suggest are on the way.” iPad and Android apps are on the way as well. I, for one, can’t wait to see how the Vimeo iPhone app will grow and evolve. It sounds amazing as it is already, and I am excited to see all of the creative videos shot, edited and uploaded entirely on the iPhone that we will be seeing as a result of this new app. Oh, and here’s the real deal closer—it’s free!

The Vimeo iPhone app is available on the App store for free.


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