Apple Shipped Nearly 52 Million iPhones During Q4 Of 2012

During the second quarter of 2012, iPhone sales had considerably slowed down. This was primarily because of the anticipation that surrounded the launch of iPhone 5. Once Apple launched the new smartphone, the sales picked up again and an analyst has now estimated that Apple shipped nearly 52 million iPhone devices during the 4th quarter of 2012!

iPhone 5

Even after Apple released iPhone 5, many speculated that the smartphone may not turn out to be a success after all. These contentions were cited primarily because of the new aspect ratio of the device’s screen and the tough competition put up by Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S III.

However, once the device became available, it flew right off the shelves. Immediately after the launch, Apple was shipping out one million plus iPhone 5 units each day. And the monthly sales have stayed significantly high throughout the last quarter of 2012.

A KGI analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo has stated that according to his estimates, Apple has been able to sell a whopping 52 million iPhone units during the last quarter. The numbers depict a 93% bump in Apple’s quarterly sales and 41% increase in the year-over-year iPhone sales.

Despite the many disappointing reviews and dissing voices, iPhone 5 has gone on to be a wild success, selling 35 million units in all during the fourth quarter together with 9.5 million iPhone 4S units and another 7.3 million iPhone 4 handsets.

However, iPhone 4S has been the key component in contributing to the overall iPhone sales during 2012. Of the total 140 million smartphones that Apple is estimated to have sold during the last year, 74 million were iPhone 4S units. During the current and forthcoming quarter, it is expected that iPhone 5 is going to sustain strong support.

Courtesy: Apple Insider

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