Apple Soon Updating Siri To Support Chinese, Russian and Japanese In March?

Siri is undoubtedly one of the most advanced voice-based personal assistants that we have witnessed. However, one problem with Siri has been that it doesn’t support a whole lot of languages. And due to this, the appeal of iPhone 4S is great in some regions but not much in regions where local language is not supported by Siri. There are rumors that Apple may update Siri in March to enable the support for Russian, Chinese and Japanese.

This latest rumor has been claimed by DoNews, a Chinese tech site, which claims that it was told by the Apple engineer who is working on the Chinese-language version of Siri. According to DoNews, the source said that the support for Chinese language is already nearly complete and undergoing internal testing. And that it will be officially announced next month.

With support for Chinese, the features of navigation and getting local information through Siri will also be enabled. Currently, these features are enabled in English and are enjoyed by US users. Apple has formally announced earlier that in 2012, the support for Siri will be extended to include a number of other languages. It is also being said that in March, along side Chinese Mandarin, support for Japanese and Russian will also be brought to Siri.

If indeed the rumors are true, then Apple’s iPhone 4S may witness another huge boast in it’s sales, given the appeal for Siri for the Russian, Japanese and Chinese users .

Image courtesy Brett Jordan.

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