Apple Finally Sorts Out The iMessage Bug

Apple has come under criticism in recent days when it was revealed that an iMessage bug prevented some former iPhone owners from receiving texts on an Android handset. The company now says that it has sorted out the problem.


The issue was apparently a result of a server-side glitch. Many former iPhone owners reportedly face this issue which is related to the nature of iMessage itself. iMessage uses a texting mechanism which is independent of the carrier network and works only with iPhone handsets.

Apparently, when a user switches from an iPhone to an Android handset, he/she may sometimes remain logged into his/her iMessage account. So if a message is sent to him/her from an iPhone, it may not reach him/her and get lost in his/her iMessage account. The worst part is that there’s no way to resolve the problem and typically, such users have to wait 30 days when the iMessage server resets their account.

According to Apple, the server-side issue which was causing this to occur has been resolved. Apple has further said that it will release a patch which will have another bug fix for the iMessage error. The issue has raised news also because of a class action lawsuit which has been filed by a Californian woman against Apple. The suit claims that Apple knowingly interfered with her wireless contract which was a legal breach.

Courtesy: Mashable

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