Apple Sued By A Man For Misleading Siri Advertisements

As if Apple’s patent wars with Google and Samsung were not enough, people have also started suing Apple, not for infringement of patents, of course, still instead of individuals, the companies are enough to take up on, but what concerns them even deeply. Getting deceived or feeling betrayed by Apple is nothing that could be taken light and hence, the man, Frank M. Fazio, thinks that same, according to Mashable. The reason is that Siri did not perform as has been promised, the iPhone 4S is no wonder. Now, something based on which Apple advertised its new iPhone, Siri not being right is like getting the whole deal wrong.

The customers and more specifically the Apple fans were already disappointed that iPhone 5 did not came out from which they were expecting more features. Instead Apple came out with iPhone 4S promising to bring the much awaited iPhone 5 next year, which might be this one, and advertised iPhone 4S on the feature of Siri. It is basically Apple much acclaimed “intelligent assistant” and is voice-controlled programme that let users instruct it different options complying to which users feel some sort of bosses, commanders and rulers. Not really but this is the fun most people have with it, at least jokingly.

Now that very thing has gotten Apple into trouble with a suit against the company by a New Yorker, Fazio, who said that Siri is not as advertised. In fact, most customers were actually disappointed with its performance. After all, it proved to be nothing but a much hyped and expensive iPhone 4.  May be the hype proved a little too risky for Apple. The complaint against Apple was filed in the U.S. District Court in San Jose. The disappointment came when Siri failed to make appointments, find restaurants and could not provide instructions about how to tie a tie’s knot.

Hence, it was nothing like Apple’s TV ads showed. Fazio is being backed on this lawsuit by Robbins Geller Rudman & Dowd, who stand on the objection saying that the ads are “designed false and misleading” for the customers. The lawsuit is class action, which means all the others who would want to sue Apple for the same reason can actually join in the fight for being misled and in a way robbed off their money essentially.

Apple has not made any comment on the issue so far. However the defenders in the social media have been sounding off the fact that iPhone 4S is firstly not “an expensive iPhone 4”, but distinctly has a dual-core processor, more storage and a redesigned antenna. To answer these defending statements, the reply is simply if the next much hyped iPhone was not to even have this much, then what else. Most importantly it did not deliver “Siri”.

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