Apple Testing White T-Mobile USA iPhone 4

BGR has leaked a bunch of photos of a purported white T-Mobile USA iPhone 4 test unit. The internal model is N94 while the one on Verizon is N92 and the standard GSM one is N90. You can tell that it’s a test unit by the several field-testing settings and applications on the device.

BGR’s T-Mobile iPhone prototype leak from earlier is not same as the retail white iPhone 4, pictures of which surfaced recently. BGR has a good explanation to that. Apple is probably testing the T-Mobile-friendly radio with the iPhone 4 hardware for a potential future integration with another device. This may mean, this is a test done on a smaller number of T-Mobile users for the iPhone 5 release.

The ‘N94′ prototype build (below) is the exact iPhone build that we found carries an A5 or ‘S5L8940′ processor a few months ago.

…and the iPhone 5 (N94AP), has the same S5L8940 processor as the iPad.

It may also be possible that this is an iPhone 5 wrapped up in the iPhone 4 shell, just like the Gary Powell’s iPhone 4.

Thanks Via Image Credit Ti BGR

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